Dateability IQ: A contemporary psychological approach to relationships.

It’s hard to improve at something when you’re not quite sure on what to actually improve on. It’s not always easy to get an objective opinion from the people around you. You really need the sort of advice that will help change “you” from the inside out !

This site is about how to change your “personal” relationship dynamics. It’s about using an alternative approach, and then using that step by step approach to help find that perfect partner.

Step one is about first getting a true psychological profile of yourself by using our unique dating IQ test. It will tell you things that not even your “best friend” can tell you ! … Take the online test – after all what have you got to lose ?

The current test is helping our data collection efforts in spotting what works for people. The test also has a feedback feature emailing people with a personalized profile of recommended tips, based on their actual datability IQ score answers. Your optional feedback on the test, after your results are emailed, will be much appreciated.

Lastly I would like to thank the people who have already taken part in the current test, and our colleagues at JoieDeVivre whom helped us with this test. Joie De Vivre also has a happiness formula test, and Kokology test based on dream analysis amongst others. So check them out at this link JoieDeVivre after your DIQ test.

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DateabilityIQ is about a psychological approach to developing relationship skills.


It’s a scale to measure a persons personal attractiveness, but goes well beyond just the obvious physical.

What is the dateability IQ scale ?

The dateability IQ takes account of how people instinctively evaluate the other person.

Why do I need a dating scale ?

To get better at something, you need to have some kind of yardstick to measure your progress against, otherwise you’re shooting in the dark !

“How does it help my dating chances ?”

It will highlight your strengths and weaknesses. Allowing you to zoom in on skills you are missing, and apply modern training techniques to improve those skills.

How was the scale put together ?

The scale uses a multitude of in house techniques, that have been tested by real people in the field. Contributions from traditional and modern psychology, NLP, and social and sexual athropology, have all been put into a dateability IQ engine. The IQ engine then incorporates these principles into hundreds of rules to give you a dateability IQ score.

The painstaking part was putting those “real life intuitive instincts” into a system that could turn that into a score. The team at dateability IQ started by painstakingly breaking down what happens at a subconscious level in the real world, into discrete steps, which were later scientifically turned into rules. The rules could then become a score and therefore a measure.

Lets take an example of one particular characteristic incorporated into our model. Nearly everyone has had the experience of sitting opposite a partner, and still finding their eyes drawn by someone walking by in the background. Despite trying to resist, and not wanting to insult the person they are with, they often cannot resist the draw. Primal male and female body type ratios have much to do with that. Many people use clothing to amplify the effect for maximum impact.

Some examples of gender dating characteristics.

Some of these characteristcis are things like the female hip to waist ratios, and male shoulder to waist ratios. There have been a number of modern psychology studies on this particular instinct. Studies on hyperfocus and our reptilian brain, show how we will instinctively pick out objects that meet basic human body attraction characteristics. Knowing these characteristics makes a huge difference to your attraction at the subconsious level.

How Dating for women and men differ ?

The pool of dateability IQ engine tests are quite extensive. For now we have broken the test into a shortened version to give clients an idea of their Dating IQ. A more comprehensive version can be taken by contacting us.

Using the scale to amplify your gender persona, – and therefore multiply your chances.

All of the IQ building blocks within the engine essentially combine for the specific gender type to create a gender persona. Whether that persona is a man who sees himself as a confident self starter with a strong sense of direction and belief in his values.

Or your female persona is a women who is approachable, expressive, intuitive, empathetic, with the ability to communicate effectively both verbally and non verbally. Essentially this site is a fanarchy. In that it operates with people thanks to their feedback. Without it we would not be able to provide feedback content, or be able to refine the dateabilityiq IQ scale we have made available.

Lastly, if you think you have learnt something that may be useful to others, then take a moment to like or share the dateabilityIQ homepage, by clicking on the Facebook “Like” button and giving us that thumbs up !

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