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Dating Coaches

Karen our resident coach. ( contact on admin@dateabilityiq.com )

Hi, I am Karen one of the resident coaches at DateabilityIQ.

Never thought you’d still be single?  Or single again?

Do you feel like you’re running out of time to have the relationship and family you have always wanted?  Are you successful in pretty much every other area of […]

The Art of Flirting


Flirting has to be one of the hardest skills sets to master. The skills needed are diverse, and it reveals so much about you as a person. If you are at all skillful at the art, it’s all you will need to show disguised interest. Or alternatively recognise they’re interested in you.

Flirting showcases your creative […]


Intelligence and attraction


Charles Darwin highlighted two central themes that are very relevant in understanding people when it comes to selecting a partner, and that is attraction and competition. The two are constant themes throughout this site, and each section touches on the key elements of attraction.

Probably the oldest and best understood IQ is that of […]


How to write dating profiles to act more like a filer.
5 little known psychological triggers that you must add to your profile:
1) Don’t underestimate the headline. It’s your personal tag. It adds to a level of intrigue and mystery. Creative people tend to write more spontaneous profiles, which often read far better than an analytical […]


What a good sense of humour really says about you ?

How many times have you heard men and women say – he has a great sense of humour. Or heard those immortal lines – must have “great sense of humour” or plain old GSOH on many dating profiles. So what exactly does humour say about […]

Social Circles

How being in the right social circles can help with your dating life.

Social network, social circles, networking, third place, meetup groups, members only clubs, societies … the list goes on.

Aha! we’re playing word association you ask. The next few words may well then be, connect, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend ! At first sight the connection to […]

Dating Advice

Dating Advice with a difference
You can view the material on this site from three perspectives. As an optimist, the realist or a pessimist. The optimists will be all embracing, see it from a child’s perspective and be gun ho in introducing it into their lives – few questions asked.

The pessimists will doubt, procrastinate, pick faults, […]


Does the concept of a modern love pill really exist ?

Indeed if a scientist managed to create such a pill, or even blindly stumble across, as was the case with Viagra, at least some of the key ingredients discussed below would need to be in it.

Step one take a good dose of your potent principle […]

Seven Deadly Sins

The seven deadly sins in relationships
The cardinal seven deadly sins are also at the base of so many relationship sins.

Arrive at a relationship with internal personality faults, and you are sabotaging your chances before the relationship honeymoon has even ended.

Lets take each base sin, and see how they manifest themselves in our relationships.

Pride – There’s […]

Body Shape

Our body shape has to some degree been at the mercy of fashion through the ages. What seems to have remained more a constant are certain body ratios which seem to still draw us back to the primal instincts of the past.

Countless studies have shown that specific body ratios are found attractive at a subconscious […]