Does the concept of a modern love pill really exist ?

Indeed if a scientist managed to create such a pill, or even blindly stumble across, as was the case with Viagra, at least some of the key ingredients discussed below would need to be in it.

Step one take a good dose of your potent principle hormone. In this case that would be either testosterone or estrogen, in the case of us humans.

Next take a measured pinch of oxytocin, and simmer. For those of you who missed endocrinology 101, oxytocin is the human bonding hormone.

Bring back to the boil and slowly add fragrant pheromones, whisking briskly so as to blend and bind the ingredients.

From a scientific point of view pheromones have been shown to be detectable at a subconscious level. An olfactory individual signature. If pheromones be the food of love, sniff on Shakespeare would have tweeted today.

To finish, add vasopressin and dopomine for taste. Both work to elevate mood and motivation. Essentially they are part of the brains pleasure system.

The ingredients above may not look apertising, but they certainly make you feel alive. So what’s going on, and why is it going on ?

The class A like addictive properties of some of chemicals above help explain the highs and lows that accompany people getting together and breaking up. The mind has a rich spectrum of emotions to choose from, and these chemicals have an intimate interplay with your emotions.

From being madly deeply in love, obsessive love, feelings of infatuation, to heartbreak, crushes, and euphoria.

The interplay of chemicals can lead you to heart racing highs and lows. A chemical mix kick stronger than alochol, and a far more lasting high than your run of the mill class A drug.

Ultimately these neuro chemicals can be the actual byproducts of a romantic encounter, which may be a fleeting moment in time, but can last a life time.

If anyone could bottle that, it would probably have a street value higher than any drug. Overnight it would probably decimate the illegal drug industry. Why buy drugs that leave you unhappy the next day, or have long term negative side effects. Why not experience the euphoria associated with love rather than an hangover from a night out binge drinking.