What a good sense of humour really says about you ?

How many times have you heard men and women say – he has a great sense of humour. Or heard those immortal lines – must have “great sense of humour” or plain old GSOH on many dating profiles. So what exactly does humour say about you. For one whit is very closely aligned to intelligence. It transmits the signal that you are socially adept. In a world where people a uber wary of there social status, a sense of humour is a powerful tool in your arsenal.

Humour ticks a number of personality boxes. It conveys a sense of creativity. The ability to use your emotional intelligence to caibrate a situation and craft a witty comment or reply to make people laugh. Its a sits nicely in the area of creative skills that entertain. It is a performance art which can entertain friends and colleagues, and can elevate a persons social standing in group more than a number of other attributes.

So you now think to yourself – “am I funny ?” and if not how do I develop it. Do you try to be the next standup comic, or just learn a whole list of jokes to try out in various social circumstances.