Dating Advice with a difference

You can view the material on this site from three perspectives. As an optimist, the realist or a pessimist. The optimists will be all embracing, see it from a child’s perspective and be gun ho in introducing it into their lives – few questions asked.

The pessimists will doubt, procrastinate, pick faults, and lay siege to any point that counters the complex belief systems they hold true.

The realists will be cautious, analyse, and compare it to their beliefs. They will need convincing with concrete real life examples before they action anything. Ultimately needing to be shown the way.

In other words the only person holding you back in moving forward in most of life’s spheres is more often than not, actually yourself, your peers, or lastly circumstance.

The material spans an almost 50 year body of knowledge of self learning, observation and real life experience, From reading Dale Carnegie, and Desmond Morris when I was 12 through to modern pop psychology and NLP. It’s more than just dating advice, or even dating skills advice.

I found in that time that actioning something after reading it, is where most people fall over. A classic example being fitness books, where all but a small percentage manage to action the steps. Often people will slip back into negative patterns even after making some progress.

Three things that will trip you up:

1) Reading the site, and doing nothing else. Resulting in no action.

2) Finding the material is outside your belief system and experience. Resulting in no action.

3) Finding that there is no social proofing, in other words no one you know, knows or talks about this sort of material. In fact it would not go down well in your peer group. Resulting in no action.


Good luck on your journey,