How to write dating profiles to act more like a filer.


5 little known psychological triggers that you must add to your profile:

1) Don’t underestimate the headline. It’s your personal tag. It adds to a level of intrigue and mystery. Creative people tend to write more spontaneous profiles, which often read far better than an analytical one. They help your reader break out of the repetitive mental dialogue they hear in most profiles.
2) Use action words. Using certain activity trigger words has been proven to have more impact. Mentioning a sport says a lot about your active state, as does family about how you handle your relationships. Its also one of the questions asked in the IQ test.
3) Strong descriptive words. The connotations of words has a big impact on the interpretation of your online persona. Creative, spontaneous are far better ways of saying you “enjoy the arts” or you “like to mix it up”.
4) Humour. Needless to say it really needs to be witty, rather than sarcastic. Get it wrong and it will say less about your intellect, and more about your taste.
5) Social proofing. Use photos, and your online facebook, twitter footprint to speak volumes about your social circle. A social circle says volumes about you, and many people will look at that soon after an initial online contact. Check your online profile, and your digital footprint are complimentary.

If you take the DateabilityIQ test , you can incorporate some of the keywords into your profile.

Your profile:

Hi, the jumbled words below is my word cloud. I guess it’s some of my main qualities, condensed.

DateabilityIQ Word Cloud                      

So where to start, I live in the [ your own descriptive words of your city – incorporate one of your keywords into this ].

Family and friends are the heart of my social life. If I am not with family / friends, my favourite hangout is [ a place you like to frequent with friends/family ]

I love [ activity x ] , because [ add your own descriptive words. Use your keyword or an appropriate related word to convey that trait in you ]. When I do get spare time I like to [insert your other unique interests].

I am doing what I love / My dream career would be to [ insert your dream job ] and reasons why.

My favourite music is [ describe your musical taste broadly ]. Lastly describe a moment / event which is either funny / memorable which happened to you in the context of one of your pastimes.

Hoping this profile has given you an insight about me.

The End