//Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence ?

The actual coined phrase emotional intelligence is credited with its first use in the mid 60’s. Emotional intelligence or ‘EI’ for short is the recognition of emotional feelings. Whether that’s within yourself or others. In some ways it’s the closest you can get to reading someones mind. A high EI, just like a high academic IQ gives you a range of skills that can be leveraged in social, managerial and leaderships situations.

So what does it encompass, and can you develop emotional intelligence ? Our mind is able to process millions of bits of information every second. That information can come from microexpressions lasting as short as 1/25th of a second ; a persons vocal  tonality  through to their general body language and their eye contact. Some people have an elevated ability to not only process that information, but to act on it.

Reading a persons body cues is the next best thing to reading their mind. Women already have an evolutionary edge in this arena. Results have repeatedly shown womens EI score near the bottom of the range still being higher than the best performing men.

The ability to understand people is an everyday skill we desperately need to improve. From everyday situations like business meetings, sales negotiations, negotiating with suppliers, enlarging your social circle, making new friends at University or college, finding a partner or just plain better communication amongst your family.


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