The seven deadly sins in relationships

The cardinal seven deadly sins are also at the base of so many relationship sins.

Arrive at a relationship with internal personality faults, and you are sabotaging your chances before the relationship honeymoon has even ended.

Lets take each base sin, and see how they manifest themselves in our relationships.

Pride – There’s a reason the “i” in pride exists. Utimately it’s all about you ! It’s the self centered, egotistical arrogant you. The part that thinks I have achieved what I have because you are better than everyone else. Which also means you are the better person in the relationship. That your words carry more weight. That you see yourself in the prime position in your peer group, perhaps characterized by the hubristic pride of the bankers in the run up to the credit crisis.

Wrath – Go to a top ten city, and you’ll find the pace of life is often said to be exhausting. Couple that with the density of people and you have a catalyst for some of the modern forms of aggressive we often see. From road rage to commuter rage.
The phenomenon of modern day rage, in part is the by product of a far more pressurized and competitive way of life. Linked with abuse of various sorts, it is also a relationship killer, and is often the base emotion to many of the problems encountered in relationships.

Greed – the drive to acquire the trappings of what people see as conventional wealth. Studies have shown that men prioritize status above other priorities. Often driven in the dogged pursuit of wealth related goals to hold standing in a peer group. The life work balance trade off can suffer, and relationships can come in a poor second place to status and power pursuits.

Envy – desiring anothers achievements or possessions is a corrosive emotion. It can fester in a negative way, because you not only resent the other person, but undermine your own worth. It’s hard to be a cornerstone of a relationship when you have your own core issues to deal with.

Lust – often described as the main primal driver for the continuation of the human race, it is also often seen as the main driver for many people to seek a partner. Lust is contrasted with other longer terms of love bond of child rearing, and those of very long term relationships. The primal love is often what most people feel at the start of relationships, and often release the feel good chemicals early on in relationships.

Gluttony – A lack of self restraint. whether that be food or other forms of chemical abuse.

Sloth – A lack of motivation and exhibited by wanting to be a spectator of everything , rather than a participant.