Intelligence and attraction


Charles Darwin highlighted two central themes that are very relevant in understanding people when it comes to selecting a partner, and that is attraction and competition. The two are constant themes throughout this site, and each section touches on the key elements of attraction.

Probably the oldest and best understood IQ is that of intelligence. We have all grown up with constant aptitude tests from high school onwards. In some professions the testing never stops. In today’s world, intellectual prowess is seen as a way of making your fortune as the internet has helped level the playing field between the uber giant corporate, and the savvy tech entrepreneur.

Natural intelligence has a knock on effect on nearly all the other qualities that make you interesting, and therefore attractive. Intelligence often puts people in a position of greater earning power. Your ability to financial provide is a strong biological mental trigger.

Good emotional intelligence combined with a sharp intellect often accompanies a sense of wit, which is an attractive social quality. The three qualities often accompany a sense of humour, and is why GSOH is regularly mentioned in peoples online dating profiles.