How being in the right social circles can help with your dating life.

Social network, social circles, networking, third place, meetup groups, members only clubs, societies … the list goes on.

Aha! we’re playing word association you ask. The next few words may well then be, connect, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend ! At first sight the connection to your dating life seems along those lines. Yes and no, is the answer to that.

Yes you can use it to make obvious connections. Use it in a “six degrees of separation” sort of way. Perhaps eventually connecting to the right business or social contact. Perhaps even use it in a shotgun approach to improve your dating life. Or even use it for fun related hobbies or interests.

For this written piece, we’re going to focus on its value as a dating, and personal growth tool. So how do the ideas above feed into those particular areas of our life ?

There are varying degrees of value gained from joining social groups out there. If you are starting from scratch, then you will probably be looking to join some new groups. First stop could be to join a group. That could then lead to you eventually starting your own group.

Starting a group will be a lot more rewarding from a personal growth point of view. From giving you a degree of confidence in yourself, as well as elevating your social status within a group. You move from being a passive member of a group to being a social enabler of a group. Peoples perception of you changes in one fell swoop.

The skills needed to bring together people, facilitate connections, help create an atmosphere allowing people have a great time, is not always easy. It not a skill everyone has, and not one that can be gained from reading a book.

The skillset needed for hosting social events overlaps with skills needed in other aspects of life. From improving your dating life, to getting ahead in your work life.

The skills sets that you can excercise in situations above will be showcased in your first (your home), second (your work place) and third space (your neutral social space) areas. The social skills learned will improve your current and future interpersonal relationships. Those same skills then help feed into situations at work. A sense of gravitas when managing ; the ability to manage others or just being a more popular team member. Lastly your third space can be anything from your community church to your local bar/restaurant where they recognise you and you’re able to use the venue to connect with potential new people or deepen connections with newer friends.

You want to leverage your third place to help you filter and connect with potential people who may become great friends or potential dating partners. The third place helps you grow personally and expand your influence socially, and that cannot be a bad thing.